About Jean

Hi there!

When I was 12 my family went to a local photography studio for a portrait 'sitting'. The session was inside the studio and I remember the lights and the mottled background behind us. The look is VERY backdated now - not to mention our fashion sense - however, still to this day, I remember the photographer making us laugh and having fun in that studio (he asked us to repeat after him, "my dad wears bra's" which at the time I thought was HILARIOUS!). The smiles are natural even if the poses aren't and I always look fondly at the photo my parents still have sitting on their bookshelf.

Portrait photography has come a long way since then but one thing that remains is the fact that a photo is a moment in time that lasts forever. It is something that I feel so priviledged to be able to do for people.

So, a little bit about myself... My family and I have recently packed up our home and our life in gorgeous Townsville and moved to the completely different, but equally gorgeous, Buderim on the Sunshine Coast! How lucky are we?!!! My hubby and I have 4 young children who keep us on our toes, but also have the power to fill our lives with the happiest, most heart bursting moments.  My life is pretty loud (my kids, not me), full of soaking in moments and cherishing downtime (me, not my kids!). These are all things reflected in my photography. I love 'family', in all its forms, so much. I love capturing moments of happiness and moments of connection. Even better if it tells a story. It's a beautiful thing!

I am not a perfectionist and my style reflects this.  Thing get hectic and crazy with 4 kids... Ok, so maybe I'm that 'hot-mess mum' people keep tagging me in on Facebook, BUT, I love finding the beauty in that. A photograph needs to make you FEEL something. I shoot in-home and outdoors (I love my sunsets!). New environments, new light, new challenges... it's what inspires me!

Capturing families with new babies in their home environment is so amazing. I love the idea of remembering things just as they were, where they slept, how they slept, the funny faces they pulled, their little yawns, stretches, feeds. All things I know I tried to lock away in my memory bank and wish I had in a photo album (because let's face it, my memory bank is pretty full!). Babies are so perfect.

My absolute FAVOURITE part of all of this is providing you with gorgeous prints and albums of your memories from our session.  It is seriously like Christmas has come early opening up a beautiful framed print of your family or looking through an album that will be loved and pored over for generations.  


Please email me via the 'contact' page for booking enqiries, or for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!

A huge thank you to my beautiful friend Kelly from Harmony Portraits in Townsville for my amazing photos!