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Monday, April 08, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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I am really missing my natural light studio in Buderim.  The shoots I did in there were some of my absolute favourites.  I am dreaming and scheming my new studio out here at Palmwoods so stay tuned!!  

If you've been following my work for a while, this family might look familiar.  I have photographed them A LOT since moving to the Sunshine Coast because, well... they're family!!  My sister and her hubby and kids in fact.  So handy when your sister has gorgeous kids don't you think?!

Thursday, March 21, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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One of my most favourite photo shoots ever!!  An old friend, her awesome family and yet another stunning afternoon on the Sunshine Coast.  Yes Please!!  

Monday, February 25, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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One of my absolute favourite things is going back to photograph past clients!  This was my third shoot with this family and it was so good to see the boys and how much they'd grown.  I love, love, love in-home shoots!! Master H's bedroom was too cute to go past so we captured the boys cuddling and giggling on the bed.  What a beautiful memory for them to have when they get too cool to have a super hero themed bedroom! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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If you have been following my page for a while, you might remember seeing this amazing family last year.  About a month after our shoot, their beautiful girl, Mila, was diagnosed with luekaemia.  As a mother, I can't begin to imagine what they have been through these last 5 months.  It feels like our shoot was a lifetime ago.  

Let me tell you a few things I know about J'nae, her hubby and their gorgeous children -  

  • They stick together through thick and thin.  
  • They have brought up the most well-mannered, friendly and delightful children... no, seriously, they blow me away... little sweeties!  
  • They are living a new normal and doing it amazingly (even if it may not seem like it to them). 
  • I think the world of them! (Well, technically that's something about me... but it had to be said!)

So, here are their photos from a lifetime ago but really not that long ago...




Sunday, February 10, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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A Newborn Session With Me!

What does a newborn photo session with me look like?  Well, that depends on you!  I shoot most of my newborn sessions in-home.  It's how I work best and it keeps my creative mojo going!  No two sessions are the same.  Although I put my stamp on, and my heart into, all of my sessions, it's the light in your home, your decor, the love I feel the instant I walk in, that gives your images their own unique feel.  I draw so much inspiration from each family and I love the challenge of walking in to an unknown location and creating images that reflect you and the love you have for your family.  Here is a little sneak peek into what a newborn session with me looks like.  Yours will be unique and, well... yours!

The Star of the Show and All their Gorgeous Details

The Whole Gang!

Sibling Love

The Mums and Dads - Their Whole World

The In-between Moments