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Monday, February 25, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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One of my absolute favourite things is going back to photograph past clients!  This was my third shoot with this family and it was so good to see the boys and how much they'd grown.  I love, love, love in-home shoots!! Master H's bedroom was too cute to go past so we captured the boys cuddling and giggling on the bed.  What a beautiful memory for them to have when they get too cool to have a super hero themed bedroom! 

Sunday, February 10, 2019
By Jean Penny Photography
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A Newborn Session With Me!

What does a newborn photo session with me look like?  Well, that depends on you!  I shoot most of my newborn sessions in-home.  It's how I work best and it keeps my creative mojo going!  No two sessions are the same.  Although I put my stamp on, and my heart into, all of my sessions, it's the light in your home, your decor, the love I feel the instant I walk in, that gives your images their own unique feel.  I draw so much inspiration from each family and I love the challenge of walking in to an unknown location and creating images that reflect you and the love you have for your family.  Here is a little sneak peek into what a newborn session with me looks like.  Yours will be unique and, well... yours!

The Star of the Show and All their Gorgeous Details

The Whole Gang!

Sibling Love

The Mums and Dads - Their Whole World

The In-between Moments

Monday, March 05, 2018
By Jean Penny Photography
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Meet Joshua and his mum and dad.  I have been friend's with Joshua's Nana (she's a young Nana!!) for many years, so I have known Joshua's dad since he was a teenager!  Over the years, I have been following along with Davey and Katrina's lives through Davey's mum and wild horses could NOT have dragged me away from this shoot!  Beautiful little Joshua has a big sister, Michelle, who is no longer earthside but who is, I have no doubt, watching over her little brother with a heart full of love.  Her presence is felt everywhere in the house through the gorgeous symbol of the turtle, and of course, through photographs. 

There is nothing quite as special as being around parents who show such love for each other and their children.  I certainly left the shoot with a full heart.  Joshua is just the sweetest little bubba...